Pretoria North Electricians


Pretoria North Electricians from Quantum Electrical Solutions are you local 24 hour reliable electricians providing electrical installation, electrical testing in Pretoria North. All Pretoria North Electricians are qualified and licensed, and they know what it means to provide superior electrical services to clients. We offer you a quick response whenever you call us for help and all our quotes are competitive.

When you have an electrical problem at your home or office it is wise not to try fixing the problem yourself; rather get a professional from our electricians in Pretoria North to fix the problem for you. Contact us if you have any electrical problems on our 24 hour available local number 0788395758.

  • 24 hour emergency electrical services in Pretoria North
  • Tripping circuit breakers Pretoria North
  • Tripping earth leakage breaker Pretoria North
  • Electrical faults Pretoria North
  • Faulty extractor fans Pretoria North
  • Faulty stove Pretoria North
  • Faulty fuse box Pretoria North
  • Power outage Pretoria North
  • Installation of sockets and switches Pretoria North

Pretoria North Electricians

Boasting of over 15 years professional experience in the installations, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, Pretoria North electricians have become the electricians of choice in Pretoria North, Sinoville and Montana. We will first assess your electrical problem, give you a competitive quotation and then offer a 5 star electrical service that usually exceeds your expectations.

Other services offered by Pretoria North electricians include

  • Generator installations in Pretoria North
  • Solar system installations in Pretoria North
  • Electrical testing/inspections in Pretoria North
  • Fixing plugs, outlets and switches in Pretoria North
  • Lighting installations in Pretoria North
  • Repairing/installing fuse boards in Pretoria North
  • Installing security and design lighting in Pretoria North
  • Fixing distribution boards in Pretoria North
  • Fixing earth leakages in Pretoria North
  • Fixing and installing circuit breakers in Pretoria North
  • Problems with overloading in Pretoria North
  • Circuit installations in Pretoria North
  • Repairing and installing circuit breakers and boxes in Pretoria North
  • Fault finding in Pretoria North
  • Home electrical wiring and re-wiring in Pretoria North
  • Cable TV wiring in Pretoria North
  • Installing ceiling fans in Pretoria North
  • Fixture installations in Pretoria North
  • Installing recessed and track lighting in Pretoria North
  • Cabling in Pretoria North
  • Service upgrades in Pretoria North
  • General maintenance in Pretoria North
  • Repairing outlets and switches in Pretoria North
  • Fixing and installing security systems in Pretoria North
  • Installing security systems in Pretoria North
  • Fixing geysers, pools, spas and poor and spa motors in Pretoria North
  • Garage door and gate automation in Pretoria North
  • Fixing and installing electric fencing in Pretoria North
  • 24 hour Silverton Pretoria North
  • Ceiling extractor fan installation Pretoria

Solar system installation in Pretoria North

Solar PV has been supporting the national grid in South Africa and you can make the right choice by installing a solar system at your home or office. Our electricians in Pretoria North will design your solar system, install it and commission it according to standard regulations. Contact us now for more information.

Garage door installation in Pretoria North

It is not safe for your family or business if you have a faulty garage door. Our electricians  can assist you with the installation, maintenance and service of garage doors.

Why choose us as your electricians of choice?

We are professional and licensed electricians. When Pretoria North Electricians say they will do something, they do it – competently and quickly. They always get the job done properly, the first time. That’s because only qualified, experienced and first-rate electricians are employed.

Certified Electricians in Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand. Call 0788395758

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