Quantum Electrical Solutions has a team of qualified, competent and registered Akasia Electricians. Our electricians in Akasia provide top notch electrical testing, electrical maintenance, electrical upgrades and electrical installations in Akasia and surrounding areas.

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Emergency Electricians in Akasia

When you have an emergency electrical problem in Akasia, call Akasia Electricians and they will respond quickly. The team, lead by Toby arrives in less than 30 minutes after your call and they are always ready to serve.

Residential Electricians

  • Landlord certificates
  • Electrical testing/inspections
  • Certificates of Electrical Compliance/Electrical safety certificates
  • Fixing plugs, outlets and switches
  • Lighting installations
  • Repairing/installing fuse boards
  • Installing security and design lighting
  • Fixing distribution boards
  • Fixing earth leakages
  • Fixing and installing circuit breakers

Commercial Electricians

  • Problems with overloading
  • Circuit installations
  • Repairing and installing circuit breakers and boxes
  • Fault finding
  • Home electrical wiring and re-wiring
  • Air-conditioning wiring
  • Cable TV wiring
  • Installing/repairing ceiling fans
  • Fixture installations
  • Installing recessed and track lighting
  • Cabling
  • Service upgrades

Residential Akasia Electricians

It is important that homeowners be 100% sure all the time that the electrical system of their properties is safe and reliable. Unreliable electrical system is dangerous as it can lead to unwanted situations like fires or damage to equipment.

That is why it is important to call a qualified electrician to come and assist you whenever you have an electrical problem. Be it tripping earth leakage, tripping fuse box, wiring problem or a new electrical installation, Akasia electricians can do it all.

Commercial Electricians in Akasia

For your business, electrical faults are unacceptable. Sadly, they do happen and when they do, Akasia Electricians are on standby to help you. Generator installations, electric fence installations, CCTV installations, Gate motor service & repair; our electricians do it all.

Same day repair guaranteed

Professional workmanship

Certificate of compliance issued


  • Burnt wire in Akasia
  • Burnt connections in Akasia
  • Faulty isolators in Akasia
  • Faulty earth leakages in Akasia
  • Faulty electrical plug in Akasia
  • Faulty light sockets in Akasia
  • Faulty circuit breakers in Akasia
  • Faulty light switches in Akasia
  • Faulty electric fencing connection in Akasia
  • Faulty electric gate connection in Akasia
  • Faulty pool pump db board in Akasia
  • Faulty pool pump isolator in Akasia
  • Faulty pool pump transformer in Akasia
  • Faulty pool pump circuit breaker in Akasia
  • Faulty pool pump buzz bar in Akasia
  • Faulty pool pump neutral bar in Akasia
  • Faulty distribution board isolator in Akasia
  • Incorrectly wired distribution board in Akasia
  • Faulty security lights in Akasia
  • Faulty borehole wiring and connections in Akasia
  • Faulty borehole isolator in Akasia
  • Upgrades to electrical distributions boards in Akasia
  • Upgrades to circuit breakers and earth leakages in Akasia
  • Faulty neon lights in Akasia
  • Faulty neon light fittings in Akasia
  • Faulty of neon light transformers or ballast in Akasia
  • Faulty low voltage lights in Akasia
  • Faulty garden lights in Akasia
  • Faulty gate lights in Akasia
  • External lights in Akasia
  • Any damage due to power surges in Akasia
  • Loss of neutral causing power surge in Akasia
  • Worn or faulty buzz bar in Akasia
  • Compliance Certificates in Akasia
  • Replacement of burnt connections and plug points in Akasia
  • Power failures in Akasia
  • Faulty Distribution boards in Akasia
  • Earth leakage relays (1 phase and 3 phase) in Akasia
  • Main cable faults in Akasia
  • Geyser connections in Akasia
  • Thermostats and elements in Akasia
  • Repair or replacement of intercom systems (including power supply and cabling) in Akasia
  • Repair or replacement of under floor heating (including supply cables) in Akasia
  • Underground electrical fault detection (including hidden cables that are not easily accessible) in Akasia
  • Repairs or replacement of geyser load management systems in Akasia
  • Faulty switch gear systems in Akasia
  • Faulty isolators and switch gear systems for generators in Akasia

Importance of Keeping your electrical system in good working order.

Your electrical system is the structure that keeps your home or business running, and without proper care, your electrical systems can malfunction, causing costly and dangerous damages. This can be avoided by performing routine electrical maintenance.

Most importantly, maintaining your electrical system is essential to making your home or business a safe environment. Poor wiring is a significant potential safety hazard, and although rewiring your house may be inconvenient, it is the most effective way to improve your installation.

Be sure to hire your local Akasia Estate electricians to perform any rewiring; it requires a qualified technician to complete this task safely and effectively. Another, less costly, way to improve your wiring is to prevent an electrical mishap before it happens.

Do not try to fix the electrical fault on your own. Just give us us a call and we will respond quickly and assist you. Hit 078 839 5758 now!

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