Quantum Electrical Solutions (0788395758) have Emergency Centurion electricians who are here to assist you 24/7 everyday of the year whenever you call us for help in Centurion, Centurion Golf Estate and Thatchfield area. Emergency  Centurion Electricians do not charge a call out fee when you accept their quotation and they attend to any electrical problem in a swift manner, offering you quality workmanship. Emergency Centurion electricians are highly qualified and licensed to install, repair and maintain electrical equipment in Centurion.

If you have that troublesome distribution board, require new house wiring installation or you are in complete blackout without power, call Emergency Centurion electricians now and we will swiftly respond to your call. Do not hesitate to call us when you have the following electrical problems:

  • Tripping circuit breakers Centurion
  • Tripping earth leakage breaker Centurion
  • Electrical faults Centurion
  • Faulty extractor fans Centurion
  • Faulty stove Centurion
  • Faulty fuse box Centurion
  • Power outage Centurion
  • Installation of sockets and switches in Centurion

Boasting of over 15 years professional experience in the installations, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, Emergency Centurion Electricians have become the electricians of choice in Centurion, Centurion Golf Estate and Thatchfield. Emergency electricians Centurion will first assess your electrical problem, give you a competitive quotation and then offer a 5 star electrical service that usually exceeds your expectations.

Emergency Centurion electricians offers you a one stop shop when it comes to attending to your electrical problems. Inside our Emergency Centurion’s vehicles are state of the art testing and measuring equipment which means all electrical services are completed by competent and licensed electricians in no time. We do all domestic, commercial and industrial emergency electrical repairs while you wait.

Emergency services include:

  • Burnt wires in Centurion
  • Tripping fuse box in Centurion
  • Burnt connectors in Centurion
  • Dimmer switch installation in Centurion
  • Electrical surges in Centurion
  • Power sags and dips in Centurion
  • Earth leakage replacement in Centurion
  • Tripping circuit breaker in Centurion
  • Less power outlets in Centurion
  • Faulty electrical distribution boards in Centurion
  • Faulty earth leakage circuit breaker in Centurion
  • Frequent burning of light bulbs in Centurion

  • Over-circuited panels Centurion
  • Faulty geyser timer switch in Centurion
  • Geyser timer switch problems in Centurion
  • Solar geyser problems in Centurion
  • Faulty bathroom lights in Centurion
  • Faulty garden lights in Centurion
  • Installation of new house wiring in Centurion
  • Installation of generator in Centurion
  • Loss of neutral leading to power surges in Centurion
  • Over-current protection in Centurion
  • Faulty socket in Centurion
  • Emergency electrician services in Centurion

  • Faulty intercoms in Centurion
  • Faulty power cable in Centurion
  • Faulty CCTV system in Centurion
  • Faulty electric fence in Centurion
  • Faulty security lighting in Centurion
  • Too dim or too bright Centurion
  • Electrical upgrades Centurion
  • Electrical testing in Centurion
  • Faulty garage door in Centurion
  • Faulty electric gate in Centurion

Why choose Emergency Centurion Electricians?

There are a number of reasons why you must consider Emergency Centurion electricians as your electricians of choice. First, they are qualified and licensed. This means they are able to do their work according to the requirements of local standards and regulations. Secondly, the have a strong emphasis on quality. This means they always deliver their services in a professional manner, with a great desire to exceed the expectations of clients.

Centurion electricians offers the following services

  • Generator installations in Centurion
  • Solar system installations in Centurion
  • Electrical testing/inspections in Centurion
  • Fixing plugs, outlets and switches in Centurion
  • Lighting installations in Centurion
  • Repairing/installing fuse boards in Centurion
  • Installing security and design lighting in Centurion
  • Fixing distribution boards in Centurion
  • Fixing earth leakages in Centurion
  • Fixing and installing circuit breakers in Centurion
  • Problems with overloading in Centurion
  • Circuit installations in Centurion
  • Repairing and installing circuit breakers and boxes in Centurion
  • Fault finding in Centurion
  • Home electrical wiring and re-wiring in Centurion
  • Cable TV wiring in Centurion
  • Installing ceiling fans in Centurion
  • Fixture installations in Centurion
  • Installing recessed and track lighting in Centurion
  • Cabling in Centurion
  • Service upgrades in Centurion
  • General maintenance in Centurion
  • Repairing outlets and switches in Centurion
  • Fixing and installing security systems in Centurion
  • Installing security systems in Centurion
  • Fixing geysers, pools, spas and poor and spa motors in Centurion
  • Garage door and gate automation in Centurion
  • Fixing and installing electric fencing in Centurion
  • 24 hour Centurion Electricians

Centurion Electricians from Quantum Electrical Solutions have become the electricians of choice in Centurion as they deliver top notch electrical services to all clients in Centurion. Two qualities make Centurion Electricians stand head and shoulders above the competition: commitment and expertise.

When Centurion Electricians say they will do something, they do it – competently and quickly. They always get the job done properly, the first time. That’s because only qualified, experienced and first-rate electricians are employed.

Certified Electricians in Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand. Call 0788395758

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