Three Phase Electricity Installation

Three phase electricity installation will offer much more power than single phase. Three phase will support 3 phase systems, machinery and or appliances when installed in the home.

Air conditioning often requires more power and the three phase system will provide that. The three phase system allows electricity loads to be better balanced keeping wiring size and costs lower.

The good news is that with the advancement of technology three phase systems are more readily available for home installation.

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Benefits of Three Phase Power

Installing a three phase system has many benefits which include:

  • The three phase system can transmit more power as compared to a single phase.
  • The efficiency of three phase operated devices and appliances is higher than single phase
  • Motors operate smoother with less vibration
  • Increased performance

How much does it cost to install three phase power?

The costs involved in installing three phase power vary depending upon the amount of wiring needed to be installed and the location of the nearest three phase power unit to be accessed.

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Upgrade from Single Phase to 3 Phase Power – Three phase electricity installation

When electrical appliances in your home increase, your home would require more electricity to run them all – when the sum of wattage of all electrical appliances you use at a given point of time exceeds 7.5kW, you need a 3-phase connection.

For instance, if you have three or more air conditioners in your home, you should upgrade to a 3-phase power supply – it will enhance the reliability and stability of the power supply.

What Is a Three-Phase Power Upgrade?

Electricity gets connected at a single-phase (230 and 240 volts) or 3-phase (400 and 415 volts). A 3-phase circuit merges three alternating currents of the identical frequency that generates three separate waves of electric power, so the power supply will never drop to zero, keeping the electric supply constant.

Why You Need a 3 Phase Power Supply in Your Home?

In the following instances, you will need a 3-phase power supply in your home.

  • If you’re installing 3-phase machinery.
  • If you’re installing a third air conditioner.
  • Old service lines are defective and unsafe.

Older homes will often run into a situation where they will need a 3-phase power supply. Besides, if you have three-phase equipment running in your home and only have a single-phase system, you need to upgrade your electricity supply to a 3-phase. Upgrading your power system will guarantee that your electric equipment runs seamlessly. Three phase electricity installation.

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Benefits of Upgrading from Single Phase to 3 Phase Power Supply –

3 Phase Power Supply
3 Phase Power Supply installation by Quantum Electrical Solutions

Upgrading to a 3-phase power supply has benefits, and the crucial ones are listed below:

  • The power supply is stable and constant – electricity never falls to zero, making it perfect for large residential homes, commercial buildings and manufacturing enterprises.
  • A 3-phase electricity supply produces more power than a single-phase.
  • A 3-phase circuit delivers more power density than a single-phase circuit at the same amperage; thus, it keeps the wiring size and costs lower.
  • Electrical appliances and machines powered by a 3-phase can last longer because of less vibration.
  • A 3-phase power can easily balance loads, curtailing harmonic currents and the requirement for large neutral wires.
  • It is easy to upgrade from a single phase to a 3-phase power supply.

Why Choose Us for Your Power Upgrade?

If you want to install or upgrade your electricity supply to a 3-phase, then know that only an electrical contractor having ECSASA & ECB Accreditation is authorized to perform the task. With over 10 years of experience working on residential and commercial properties in Pretoria, we can safely and cost-effectively upgrade power supply requirements.

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