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VRV / VRF System Installation & Service Pretoria. Looking for an air conditioning system that can cool or heat several rooms or floors with minimal cost? A VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) or VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system may be perfect.

First introduced by Daikin in 1982, this advanced air conditioning system can handle several indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. Daikin also trademarked the term VRV.

When other brands developed their own model using the same technology they were named VRF to avoid infringements.

These specialized systems are highly efficient, even when cooling and heating several rooms across multiple floors.

Quantum Electrical Solutions has been installing VRV & VRF systems in Pretoria for many years. Contact us about this ingenious aircon technology. VRV / VRF System Installation & Service Pretoria.

VRV & VRF Installations

  • Highly efficient advanced AC technology
  • Various kW sizes for all environments
  • Heating & Cooling options
  • Professionally Installed with Power
  • Single & Multi Story Properties
  • 5 year Manufacturer & Installation Warranty
Components of a Daikin VRV system
Components of a Daikin VRV system

Who Will Benefit Most From a VRV / VRF System?

VRV / VRF System

As VRV systems are excellent for multi-zone control, this air conditioning technology usually benefits commercial applications best. These systems are ideal for:

✓ Hotels & Apartments✓ Large Family Homes
✓ Commercial Complexes✓ High-Rise Buildings
✓ Educational Facilities✓ Healthcare Facilities

At other times, domestic customers may require a VRV / VRF system when they want a ducted system but ceiling access is restricted. VRV / VRF System Installation & Service Pretoria.

Overall, when you need a cooling / heating system with adaptable design, flexible layout, individual control and energy-saving operation, a VRV is a fantastic option.

Advantages of VRV & VRF Systems

Controlling the temperature of an extremely large space using a VRV system has several advantages as outlined here:

Cost-Effective: With precise individual control, it can separately adjust the energy output for each room or floor.

Customisable: The indoor and outdoor units can be customised to suit your exact requirements. With this unique adaptability it allows them to suit just about any environment or application.

Versatile: Some VRV / VRF models offer simultaneous operation of cooling and heating with a single outdoor unit.

Silent Operation: Loud air conditioners are obviously unwanted for offices and commercial buildings. VRVs are virtually silent so you can place them anywhere without causing any distracting noise.

Hassle-Free Control: Temperature adjustment across different areas or floors of the building can be done through a centralized controller or individual controllers.

Pretoria Aircon Specialists – VRV / VRF System Installation & Service Pretoria

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Quantum Electrical Solutions excel in Variable Refrigerant Volume / Flow system installations and servicing.

With a VRV system you can finally achieve your cooling and heating needs with accuracy and efficiency. Discuss your needs with us and we’ll help you find a cooling / heating system that is perfect for you.

We are committed to help you find a way to enjoy comfortable temperature while keeping your energy costs as low as possible.

As we supply, install, and service VRV / VRF air conditioners as well as ducted, wall-mounted split systems and fresh air ventilation, we can find a solution to meet your needs. VRV / VRF System Installation & Service Pretoria.

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